Obtaining the Source Code

Version Control System

SVN Client Access

You can use your favourite SVN client and connect to our SVN server at http://svn.xvid.org.

Here's some example commandline that shows how to checkout the trunk sources (when asked for password, leave it blank and hit enter):

svn checkout http://svn.xvid.org/trunk --username anonymous

SVN Web Interface

You can access and browse our SVN server also through our web interface by following the link below:


Release Downloads

Xvid 1.3.7 stable release

This is Xvid 1.3.7 bugfix release. It fixes and replaces the previous 1.3.6 stable release.

Changes since 1.3.6:

xvidcore library
  • Fix for a regression in initializing the Inter matrix with MPEG Quantization

Changes since 1.3.5:

xvidcore library
  • Fix for various, long-standing and potentially critical security vulnerabilities in the decoder (credit to OSS-Fuzz)
  • Always use .text sections in nasm code for macho target

Changes since 1.3.4:

xvidcore library
  • AmigaOS build patch by Fredrik Wikstrom
  • Support for applevel multithreading mode also for AVI output in xvid_encraw
  • Set interlacing flag in decoder correctly
VFW frontend
  • Re-add support to decode raw YV12 input FourCC video
  • Fix: Produce debug output only when debug option is enabled
DShow/MFT frontend
  • Fixed bug in thumbnail creation on Windows 7
  • Fix output buffer stride calculation in MFT
  • Setting interlaced flags on output pins correctly in DirectShow and MFT
  • Corrected pixel aspect ratio support in MFT

You can read a more detailed description of the changes in the ChangeLog file available in the top directory of the inflated sources tarball.